Arkon TWBHD8KIT TW Broadcaster Live Streaming Kit with Desk Stand and Tablet & Phone Holders

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Arkon's TW Broadcaster Live Streaming Kit is a unique and comprehensive bundle that contains everything you’ll need for streaming live video, wherever and whatever you want to broadcast. Choose from three different device holders for single or dual device streaming, including a universal phone holder (holds phones up to 4” wide), a universal midsize tablet or phone holder (holds devices up to 8” screen size), and a full-sized tablet holder (holds tablets up to 18.4” screen size). A sturdy metal splitter plate secures the holders and attaches to a desk or countertop stand, which features a standard extension pole that extends up to 9.75 inches as well as an extra-long pole that extends up to 29 inches. Three mount shafts are also included for creating a Pro Stand for Crafting and Baking Live Video that extends out to 12.5 inches. It’s the ultimate live streaming package that can be changed to suit every environment and device.


Ideal for extreme live streaming with various devices from various locations
Includes 3 device holders and desk stand with two extension poles
Extra-long telescoping pole extends from 17 to 29 inches
Includes three mount shafts for creating a Pro Stand that extends out to 12.5 inches

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