Arkon HD8TAB29 TW Broadcaster Dual Tablet and Phone Countertop or Desk 29-inch Stand Holder for Live Streaming

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Arkon's Dual Tablet and Phone Countertop or Desk 29 inch Stand Holder for Live Streaming is a professional mounting solution designed to facilitate stable dual live streaming on Periscope or Facebook Live with an iPhone or other mobile phone and an iPad or other full-size tablet on a desk, counter, table, podium, or other flat surface.

This unique stand includes a RoadVise Universal Smartphone Holder (tightly grips phone, does not block the camera on the backside of phone, and expands to 4” wide), a Slim-Grip Universal Tablet Holder (compatible with all tablets having 8.9"-18.4" screen size), and a Heavy-Duty Desk or Countertop Stand with a telescoping, metal shaft that’s height-adjustable from 17 inches to 29 inches. Arkon’s RoadVise phone holder is compatible with all phones, including Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S6, Galaxy Note 5, 4, and Note 3, Google Nexus 6 and Nexus 5, HTC One M9, One M8 and One Max, Nokia Lumia 1020 and 1520, and Motorola Moto G and Moto X. Arkon strongly recommends using the RoadVise Holder with smartphones that have skins and ruggedized cases attached.

This ensures a secure grip in the holder and protects your phone. The Slim-Grip tablet holder features a spring-loaded design that makes it easy to insert or remove the tablet by pushing down on the lower legs of the holder with one hand. Included with the holder are 10 support legs (4 short, 2 medium and 4 long versions). Choose the 4 legs that provide the best fit for your tablet. These insert at the top and bottom of the holder and can be easily adjusted in order to keep any side buttons and ports unobstructed. The Dual Tablet and Phone Countertop or Desk 29 inch Stand Holder for Live Streaming is the must-have companion accessory for your dual Periscope and Facebook Live broadcasts.


For dual live streaming with a tablet and smartphone
Stand extends upward from 17 to 29 inches, and weighted base keeps stand in place
For tablets up to 18.4” screen size, including Apple iPad Pro and Galaxy View

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