Arkon BT010 Windshield Suction Mount for EZ Pass Toll Transponders, Bluetooth GPS Receivers, and Radar Detectors

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Arkon’s BT010 windshield suction mount is ideal for mounting Bluetooth GPS receivers, small radar detectors, and auto-deduct/EZ-Pass toll road electronic devices that need to be mounted high up on the windshield. This mount features a 2 5/8” x 2” base platform to attach your device with either metal strips for magnetic attachment, or hook-and-loop fastener tape. The mount installs easily without tools and can be removed or transferred to another vehicle conveniently. This mount uses PVC suction and a one-touch suction lever to keep the mount on the windshield. The base platform adjusts vertically in order to position the device exactly where you want it.


Mount EZ Pass toll auto deduct devices as well as Bluetooth GPS receivers, and small radar detectors
Use magnets or hook-and-loop fastening tape to attach device to 2 5/8" x 2" base platform
Installs and removes easily PLEASE NOTE: GPS Not Included

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