Speck iGuy Protective Carry Case Stand for Apple iPad Air - Grape Purple

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Meet iGuy - the free-standing foam case for the iPad Air 5th Generation. Every bit as protective as he is a blast to use, iGuy is the perfect iPad accessory for kids and grown-ups alike. He's lightweight, easy to hold and he can stand on his own two feet, even while holding up your iPad.

He may look like he's all about fun, but his soft, squishy body disguises tough EVA foam protection. iGuy will help you feel more secure as you hand your iPad over to your baby or small child.

At Speck we design cases that are just as smart and indispensable as the gadgets they protect. Our focus on what people care about inspires us to craft cases that are not just form-fit to your gadgets, but also fit for your life. Speck cases come with a variety of clever options that make your gadgets more adaptable, flexible and fun to use.

We understand our customers because like you, we're seriously attached to our gadgets. We can't imagine living without them either, which is why we make cases that enhance the way you use your phones, MacBooks and tablets. Our total devotion to technology, teamed with our optimistic view of its potential creates a connection with the products we design and the people who use them.

At Speck, we're serious about protecting your gadgets from the dings and dents of everyday living. We use 3D scanners, high-tech modelling, and rigorous quality testing to engineer cases that are strong and secure. A case that fits is a case that protects, and the perfect fit is what makes our cases so special. No "stretch to fit." No air pockets. No compromises. The result? No scratches, dings or cracks on your favourite gadget.

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