Speck Hard Glossy CandyShell Phone Cover for HTC One - White/Slate

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Speck Hard Glossy CandyShell Phone Cover

Form and function. Your HTC One perfectly mixes the fundamental ingredients of good design. Why shouldn't your HTC One case? With our patented CandyShell, you get rest-easy protection, the versatility of our unique, hard-outer-shell-yet-soft-inner-liningconstruction and a complete range of patterns and colors. Swaddle your baby in the pliable, form-fitting inner lining-it'll absorbthose "accidental" drops. Built for long-term protection, the glossy outer shell will safeguard your HTC One againstscratches and impacts-and makes it easy to slide in and out of your pocket. And because bumps happens, the bump-proof bezel cantake the brunt of any head-first dive, instead of your screen. Fits HTC One Hard outer shell protects against scratches and impacts Glossy surface slides easily in and out of your pocketsRubberized inner layer acts as a shock absorber. Bump-proof bezel safeguards your screen.

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