Speck FitFolio Tablet Cover for Apple iPad 3rd/4th gen - MegaPlaid Black

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Speck FitFolio Case Cover

Protect your new iPad in tailored style with the fashion-friendly FitFolio! This sleek form-fitting case features a protective padded cover, soft micro suede interior, and a custom hard-shell cradle. A new snap closure keeps your case securely shut, while integrated magnets enable your iPad's sleep / wake function. FitFolio is available in vegan leather or an array of all-new fabrics designed to match your personality.

Slim-and-Sleek Cover

Especially designed to complement your minimalist iPad, the slim, lightweight cover looks good - and feels good, too.

Sleep / Wake Function

A new plastic snap closure keeps your case securely shut, and a new integrated magnet activates your iPad's sleep / wake function. Open FitFolio and - voila! Your iPad wakes up. Close it, and your iPad goes to sleep.

Smooth-Snap Clasp

When you're on the go, closing the FitFolio is a snap.

Fit-Right Cradle

The form-fitting cradle secures your iPad, when you're in hyperspace - shopping on Amazon or reading your Flipboard - and when you have to move around in the real world.

Quadruple-Angle Stand

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