Dual Sim Phone Case Cover for Apple iPhone 4

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Dual Sim Case for iPhone 4

Use 2 SIM cards in 1 iPhone – just one click to switch between the cards! This ingenious case allows iPhone 4/4S users to have 2 SIMs installed at the same time, making it the ideal tool for travelling or business.

The case requires NO software installation or tool for switching between the two SIM cards and it accepts both standard SIM and Micro SIM cards. Simply activate the switch on the outer case to change the SIM in use.

*It is recommended that you power off your phone before switching to the other SIM.

As both SIMs are not active at the same time you will only receive calls to the SIM you have selected.

To overcome this issue, divert calls from Sim A to Sim B. Then switch the sim’s to see text messages etc.

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