Audio Line Out Cable for Sony Walkman MP3 Players NWZ, NWZE, NW, A, S, E

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Audio Line Out Cable for Sony Walkman MP3 Players NWZ, NWZE, NW, A, S, E

- Enjoy Hi-Fi quality music from your Sony Walkman MP3 Player to your Hi-Fi system and car audio.

- Experience whole new level of your Sony Walkman MP3 Player games with powerful sound through an external Hi-Fi speaker system. Ultra small size for easy carrying.

- Sony Walkman connector at one end and 3.5mm stereo jack on the other end.

- Line Out consumes slightly less power than headphone jack, resulting in longer Sony Walkman battery life.

- Technical Specs Compatible with all Sony Walkman MP3 players NWZ NW NWZE NWZS 436 438 515 516 603 605 610 615 616 618 638 639 705 706 710 715 716 718 726 728 736 738 729 805 806 808 815 816 818 826 828 829 916 918 919 FB FR FS A E S FN B A726 A728 A729 A805 A806 A808 A815 A816 A818 A826 A828 A829 A916 A918 A919 S515 S516 S603 S605 S615 S616 S618 S638 S639 S703 S705 S715 S716 S718 S736 S738 E438 E436 NW A808/S A919/BI S S610F S615F S616F S618F S639F S703F S705F S706F S706F/T S710F S715F S716F S718F A815BLK A815PNK A815SLV A815WHI A816 A816BLK A816PNK A816SLV A816WHI A818BLK A818PNK A818SLV A818WHI S615FBLK S615FPNK S615FSLV S639F S710F A NWS-S FSLV FRED FPNK BLK WHI SLVS615FPNK S615FRED S616FRED S616FBLK S616FPNK S616FSLV NWS-S

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